The Role and Structure of the Board

The Role and Structure of the Board

The society TLCCH was formed on the 26th June 2017 by the three founding members Barbara Jones, Nick Green, and Robin Asby, and the founding secretary Emma Leeming.

The founding members’ principal task was to appoint the first Board of Trustees whose role was to bring the society into existence in accordance with its objects as specified in the constitution.

The Structure of the Board: The founding members retained that task until the first Annual Meeting when the responsibility to appoint trustees to the board passed to 1) the Members of the Society who elect three trustees to the board, 2) the School of Natural Building and the Incredible Farm CBS who nominate one trustee each to the board 3) the board of trustees itself, who a) co-opt up to three members who have skills which are needed to manage the society and b) appoint up to two independent trustees who are not necessarily members, again for skills that are required for a fixed term.

The secretary to the board of trustees is appointed by the board of trustees.

The longest serving elected trustee at the time of an Annual Meeting must stand down, and an election must be held for that vacant place. The trustee standing down can stand for re-election if they wish. Member trustees co-opted as at a) above must stand down at the next Annual Meeting, The appointment of Independent trustees appointed as at b) above must be subject to annual review and stand down at the end of their agreed term of office.

At the present time one vacancy exists for an elected trustee following the AGM. As a result the board decided that it will proceed with a new election in May 2019.

The Role of the Board at present is to 1) bring TLCCH into existence and 2) to effect the asset transfer of Todmorden Community College to TLCCH. Once the asset transfer is achieved the role of the role of the board changes to 3) running the TLCCH organisation as specified in its vision and constitution to the benefit of its communities in a financially responsible way.

The Registered Office of the society is Todmorden Community College, Burnley Road, Todmorden OL14 7BX