A tingle of excitement

paperworkEvery time i pass the college i get a tingle of excitement about what the future might hold, its gone from being an impenetrable edifice, a pile of bricks to being a font of exciting possibilities.

Its one of the things that keeps me going, there are so many meetings, so many documents, so much to think about.

Mondays meeting i realised i had 7 pieces of paper in front of me, no 8! Sometimes there are several meetings a week, five on one week not so long ago. Each meeting generates work, mostly, it seems for Robin and Jan, they are the ones without day jobs, but and Barbara takes a lot on too, despite i found out yesterday she still sometimes skips up a ladder with hammer and nails to take on a roofing job, on top of the world,  her first love i guess.

Me, i’m pursuing funders, and sitting back at meetings trying to spot the thought trends, useful words or phrases or ideas for grant applications. I’m also trying to spot whats been missed, the things we’ve not thought of, the googlies that could trip us up.The things that could help, how many people will fire regs allow in the building?  what does waste management cost? how will the security issues effect public perception of the welcome?

Its at once the most daunting project i’ve ever been involved in and the most exciting. But what i like most, aside from working at a level with the most competent group of people, is feeling like i’m using skills, accumulated over many years, doing many things, its like using all the good muscles, at once.