Interim Centre Manager

The Todmorden Learning Centre and Community Hub is a charitable community benefit society which will shortly be taking on responsibility for the Todmorden College Building via asset transfer from the Local Authority with the following objects (reproduced from the governing document) –


4. The objects of the Society shall be for the public benefit, to:

(a) Promote sustainable development for the benefit of the public by advancing the education of the public in subjects relating to sustainable development and the protection, enhancement and rehabilitation of the environment and to promote study and research in the subjects of:

(i) the practical skills and science of building with natural materials and the renovation of historical buildings;

(ii) the practical skills and science of small scale agriculture and horticulture in order to live within and rehabilitate the natural environment;

(iii) the practical skills and science of small scale energy production; by means of practical teaching courses, seminars, conferences, and publications. Sustainable development means “development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

(b) The provision and maintenance of facilities for the use of the inhabitants of Todmorden without distinction of political, religious or other opinions, including use for:

(i) meetings, lectures and classes, and

(ii) other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants.

(c) To help young people, especially but not exclusively through leisure time activities, so as to develop their capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.

The interim centre manager role is a fixed term freelance role to facilitate the smooth and efficient hand-over of the Todmorden College building from Calderdale council to the Todmorden Learning Centre and Community Hub over the period leading up to and away from the Asset Transfer. The manager will take the lead on ensuring all practical aspects of running the building are understood and in place, including utilities and data services. The manager will work with and develop IT and hirer/ partner/ supplier relationships to ensure as much of the asset of the building is leased or hired out (details below) as quickly as possible, and in line with TLCCH policies.

The interim centre manager will be given a high degree of autonomy and will be self-motivated. The TLCCH Board of Directors, as contractee, will support and mentor the freelance manager to aid her/him in achieving their full potential within the role. The role will involve some supervision of cleaning staff who will move over to being employed by the TLCCH via TUPE as part of the transfer.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To work with the TLCCH Board of Directors as required to support effective handover of the Todmorden College building.
  • To make contact with and develop relationships with all necessary staff within Calderdale MBC, utility suppliers, and other providers to manage an efficient handover upon asset transfer.
  • To develop and implement constructive working relationships with user groups and volunteers so as to enhance the services provided and to deliver improvements to the Centre.
  • To develop and implement a suitable marketing strategy.
  • To work with the Board of Directors to initiate and develop effective systems, including IT, calendar and events management, services and facilities in accordance with the aims of Todmorden Learning Centre and Community Hub Business Plan ensuring compliance with effective safeguarding and GDPR practice.
  • To develop and implement procedures for the effective management of the Centre’s staff.
  • To manage aspects of leasing and hiring, including lease and hire agreements, charging and invoicing, in consultation with the Directors.
  • To ensure that the Centre develops as a welcoming and safe environment for the benefit of the local community.
  • To work with the Board to develop an up to date User Induction Pack and procedures for using the Centre.
  • To liaise with staff and users to ensure the smooth running of the Centre and its activities.
  • To work in conjunction with the caretaking team to develop a sufficient programme of day to day checks and repairs, maintenance programmes and external service contracts to ensure care of the building.
  • To ensure health and safety in the building including, in conjunction with the Trustees, ensuring compliance with a range of policies and procedures.
  • To ensure that services provided by hirers are compatible with the terms of their hire and in line with the constitution and business plan.
  • To prepare for and attend TLCCH Board meetings as agreed.

Personal Qualities:

The Manager will have a strong commitment to helping members of the community get involved with the Centre. The Manager will also need to be self-reliant, energetic, able to work on their own initiative and to prioritise activities.

The continued success of the Centre will depend heavily on the organisational skills of the Interim Manager and their ability to communicate effectively with all members of the community and work alongside colleagues, partners and Directors.

Skills and Abilities:

  • A professional attitude and approach to the management of the Centre
  • Excellent communication skills- both written and verbal
  • Customer service skills
  • Confident, self-motivated, innovative and able to work under pressure
  • Good team leadership skills with the ability to develop and support all members of the team
  • Able to prioritise work and demands
  • Able to work collaboratively
  • Understanding of financial management
  • Able to work flexible hours when required

Education and Training:

  • Educated to at least A-level/level 3 or equivalent with a range of relevant qualifications or with evidence of equivalent experience
  • Excellent computer literacy in a range of programmes and platforms suitable to the role and the need to develop a range of systems for the efficient running of the centre.
  • Proven experience in either the voluntary/community sector, business, project management or marketing


  • A strong commitment to community-based services
  • Able to work evenings and weekends and attend the Centre at short notice.
  • Consent to an enhanced DBS disclosure


  • This contract is expect to be in place for four months (approx. 80 days). Extension may be possible dependent on available funds if required.
  • The fee will be negotiated with the successful applicant within the range of £120-£160 per day.
  • The freelance manager will be expected to have own IT equipment
  • The freelance manager will be expected to comply with all TLCCH policies including GDPR, confidentiality, safeguarding (including DBS check).
  • TLCCH is working to ensure a broadband connection is available at the College, otherwise a ‘dongle’ will be supplied.