Green Futures Course


The Green Futures Course is a sustainability taster course for people aged 16+. The introductory course develops practical skills in sustainability subjects providing a stepping stone for a green career. There are four modules on the course; food and land, sustainable building, understanding the climate challenge and energy.

More information about the course can be found in our 2022 Information Course Information Booklet

Application/ Recruitment

We are not currently recruiting for the Green Futures Course, but if you are interested in the course please send an email to

Green Careers

What can I do after the course? Green jobs exist across all aspects of the economy, not just in the energy sector. To make our planet sustainable we will have to do lots of things in new ways.

The main industries of the green economy include: 
Energy renewables including solar, wind 
Construction using natural materials 
Transport electrification of public transport, electric vehicles
Engineering low-carbon engine research, design and development 
Water management flood, sewage, fresh water, working on the waterways 
Waste management recycling and upcycling 
Food and land management horticulture, farming, growing  

Other jobs which need new, green approaches: 
Policy and advocacy work sustainable consulting, campaigning, civil service 
Food sector local food for restaurants 
Beauty and fashion low-chemical hairdressing and make-up, ethical fashion and design 
Performing arts renewable energy production for live music, green influencers 
Cleaning non-harmful chemical cleaning and low water use 

For more information, check out our Guide to Green Careers

Advisory Panel

We have worked with a panel of advisors who are experts, specialists and industry professionals in all areas of sustainability. In the early stages, they informed the module choices, curriculum and content of the Green Futures Course. Throughout the delivery of the course, members have acted as advisors, tutors, facilitators and teachers on the course. Here is the full list of members of the Advisory Panel.

Contact Us

Main email:

Programme Leader
Chelsie Naylor

Assistant Programme Leader
Lydia Gaskell

Phone: 01706318133

Gallery of Students Work

Click the link to find a gallery of student work completed throughout the course

“I have a better insight into green careers and sustainability, especially the vocational skills needed. I’m more confident in my own abilities and have made connections with like-minded people that I plan to keep in touch with.”

Chloe Holford

Green Futures Student

“When I’m telling people about the course I’ll say – DO IT! It has been amazing experience and I’ve learnt so much and met so many amazing and inspirational people. So much better than my degree – I feel like I’ve learnt a lot more!”

Kit Farnell

Green Futures Student