Board member – Nick Green

I have a PhD in biochemistry from Imperial College, London awarded in 1982.  I have run a small solvent business since 1984 which has morphed through several forms and continues to generate enough income for me to volunteer full time at Incredible Farm. I am a polymath, with a career spanning science (post-doctoral researcher at Dyson Perrins Organic chemistry dept Oxford), sculpture (Fielden Wharf fish commission), building renovation (12 thousand sq ft derelict mill turned into an arts centre), support work, mail order classic car parts, invented, developed and marketed a line of unique products for the classic car market (several still available under the “Grumpy’s” Brand)  small scale manufacture of metal components, teaching science. I was treasurer and fundraiser for IET for the first 4 years, organising planting of 800 fruit trees round Todmorden and 90 new growing beds and author of the bulk of the early website material that continues to top the ratings. Chair of Harley Bank Community association during a multi £million housing regeneration project.

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