This is a landscape scene with people in it. There is a reservoir surrounded by hills. The students have their backs to the camera and Mike, a white man with long blond dreadlocks, is talking about the landscape and the improvements that have been made to Incredible Farm.

Reflecting on learning

The staff and students of the Green Futures Course have a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) called Seesaw where session plans, questions, announcements, and work are uploaded. This area is exclusively for the staff and students; it’s a safe space for discussion and ideas experimentation. This VLE was originally designed for primary schools, however, because it is quite elegantly and simply designed, it is a powerful tool for adult learners too. The students can share and reflect on their learning in a more public space: the Seesaw blog for their group. This is regularly updated with images and ideas from our students. If you want to have a look the links are below!

For Cohort One you can have a look at their work here (opens a new tab to Seesaw).

For Cohort Two you can have a look here (opens a new tab to Seesaw).

Mike, a tall white man with long blond dreadlocks, is telling the students about the land improvements, tree planting, and regenerative farming practices of Incredible Farm.